Thursday 5th October 2017
Since I finished my second year at university back in April (yeah, APRIL) I've been dangerously bored. I say dangerously because it's the kind of bored where I eat 24/7 and place 5-10 amazon orders a week. I moved into my university city this year ALONE and since all of my friends have ya know, friends and family back home, they left me to stay in bed until midday and binge watch every series ever alone. (Don't mind me, I'm not bitter or anything...)
ANYWAY. Except a few sporadic free-lance jobs I've had, my design game has not been too strong. To combat this, I decided to delve into the world of instagram challenges and create my own! #AlphabetofIllustrations is basically what it says on the tin- create an illustration for every letter of the alphabet. I had a good couple of weeks of posting an illustration every day, and honestly, I think my vector illustration skills have HUGELY improved. However, not all was plain sailing, and after a break away in Tenby for a couple of weeks, I found it very hard to get back into illustrating and may have had a three week break from posting. Oops.
I did get back from my brain meltdown and carried on with my mission, completing the WHOLE alphabet and actually finishing! I honestly didn't think I'd make it so I'm pretty happy about it, even though there's a couple of the illustrations that I definitely am not a fan of. 
On this post is a few of my favourites though! I used the font 'Albret' as hand-lettering is not for me, but all of the illustrations are my own, and I've definitely learned a lot throughout the process. If you want to see the whole alphabet, check it out on my instagram here.
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